Do you want to make better photographs?

Nat-Coalson-Portrait-175pxI’m here to help you do just that.

Mastering digital photography can be overwhelming and confusing. There’s a lot of misinformation going around. Sometimes it’s even hard to know what’s really important.

But here you can eliminate the noise. Learn the most essential techniques, principles and tools. And create the amazing images you dream of.

Whether you shoot nature, travel, portraits, sports, weddings and events or any other kind of photography, there are key principles and fundamental techniques that every photographer needs to know. That’s what Photography Essentials is all about.

I’m Nat Coalson. I’ve worked in photography and digital imaging for over 25 years. For decades, I’ve taught photographers working at all levels and have written popular books on this stuff.

And now I am happy to be your personal mentor in

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“Nat is an excellent teacher who makes complex technical subjects easy to understand and implement.”
Ron Cooper, Denver, Colorado

“Nat Coalson is not only a passionate photographer, but also an accomplished digital professional. This combination makes him the perfect instructor.”
George Jardine, Denver, Colorado

“Nat is a very patient, well spoken, educated person; he has a great vocabulary and truly knows (in this case) Lightroom inside and out and can present information in an easy-to-grasp way. He is more than just a lecturer, he is a real teacher.”
Jock Goodman, Waimea, Hawaii

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the personal photography sessions I have had with Nat. Not only is he personable but knowledgeable in the field of photography. He adapts very well to all skill levels in a group and makes sure he pays attention to the matters or questions at hand. I learned a lot of my own eye and style when I was able to print off shots from a previous session and have him critique them at our next session. Thanks, Nat! We will definitely see you again.”
Chanel Podell, Denver, Colorado

“Nat Coalson was recommended to me as someone that would listen to my desires, review my work and then make recommendations that would help me build a partnership that would produce images I’d be proud to display in my home and gallery. Without question, Nat’s lived up to his recommendation. His attention to detail and gentle guidance has been priceless to me.”
Ray Beair, Austin, Texas

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