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Lightroom identity plates for printing

April/May Photoshop User magazine includes my article about creative printing with Lightroom identity plates. Issue is on newsstands now; more at


  1. Hi Nat,
    I found your article on Lightroom for identity plate printing of great interest. I have been creating and using this technique since ver 1 of Lr.
    Back when I first started creating templates (frames, calendars, simulations, etc), Matt Kloskowski and I had some correspondence on an issue of png files (created on a PC) not being compatible on a Mac. Have you found away around this that you might share? Or maybe the newer versions of Lr do not have this issue. However I do not have Mac to test on.
    I have some sample downloads to try on my site or on Adobe Exchange.


  2. Hi Peter-

    Thanks for your comment. That’s a good point – I had a similar issue.

    I use both Mac and PC, and the PNG files I saved using the basic Save As… from Photoshop Windows acted weird on the Mac.

    I resaved them using Save for Web, as PNG-24, and this fixed the problem.

    I didn’t do any follow up research to find out how PNGs made on Windows differ from Mac. I just figured that using Save for Web is a reasonable workaround.


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