How to Apply Camera Raw Presets to a Batch of Files

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Applying Adobe Camera Raw presets to a batch of files can significantly streamline your workflow, especially when dealing with a large number of images that require a consistent look and feel. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is a powerful tool within Adobe Photoshop that allows photographers and editors to process their RAW files with greater control and flexibility. Here are the steps to apply ACR presets to a batch of files.

Step 1: Create or Choose Your Preset

Before applying a preset to a batch of images, you need to have a preset. You can either create your own preset or use one that you’ve previously made or acquired.

  1. To create a preset: Open an image in ACR, adjust the settings to your liking, then click on the ‘Presets’ panel. Click the ‘New Preset’ icon, name your preset, select the settings you want to include, and click ‘Create’.
  2. To choose a preset: Ensure that the preset you want to apply is already imported into ACR.

Step 2: Open Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a powerful digital asset management app that lets you preview, organize, edit, and publish multiple creative assets quickly and easily.

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the RAW files you want to edit in Bridge.
  2. Select all the images to which you want to apply the preset.

Step 3: Apply the Preset in ACR

With the files selected in Bridge:

  1. Right-click on one of the selected images and choose ‘Open in Camera Raw’.
  2. In ACR, all your selected images will appear as thumbnails on the left side.
  3. Select all the thumbnails (Ctrl+A / Cmd+A).
  4. Click on the ‘Presets’ panel.
  5. Apply your chosen preset by clicking on it. The adjustments will apply to all selected images.

Step 4: Synchronize Settings

If you need to make further adjustments:

  1. Make the adjustments to one of the selected images.
  2. Once satisfied, right-click on the image and choose ‘Synchronize Settings’.
  3. Ensure that all the settings you want to synchronize are checked, then click ‘OK’. This will apply these settings to all selected images.

Step 5: Save or Export the Images

After applying the preset and making any additional adjustments:

  1. Click ‘Done’ if you want to keep the files in RAW format with the changes.
  2. If you want to export the images (e.g., as JPEGs), select the images, right-click, and choose ‘Save Images’. Specify your desired settings and output location.

Tips for Efficient Workflow

  • Organize Your Presets: Keep your presets well-organized for quick access.
  • Batch Process in Groups: If your computer struggles with processing too many images at once, consider batching in smaller groups.
  • Customize Presets for Different Situations: Having a variety of presets for different lighting conditions or scenes can save time.

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